HOERBIGER automation technology

  • Hydraulic power pack series H650 2-38 l/min

    The modular design of the power pack series H650 provides a simple set of components according to the modular principle.
    The series offers the following benefits:

    • All tanks with 150 mm high feet and oil drain plug at the bottom, allowing easy maintenance
    • Tank and tank lid have oil-resistant primer inside and outside
    • One-piece lid gasket
    • External gear pump with a high-pressure design for operating pressures up to 270 bar
    • alternative internal gear pump with a high-pressure design for operating pressures up to 325 bar
    • Base block with integrated pressure relief and non-return valve as well as return filters - oil cooler connectivity
    • Pressure gauge
    • Variety of control via interlinking modules, possible without piping
    • Filter clogging indicator, electrical or optical
    • Level switch with integrated oil temperature monitoring
    • Short delivery times
    • Documentation for each unit comprising:
      • Wiring diagram
      • BOM
      • Operation and maintenance manual
      • Test certificate 
  • 4/2 - and 4/3-way slide gate valve

    Performance characteristics:

    • Low pressure loss
    • High power density
    • Direct acting
    • Solenoid coil easily exchangeable
  • 2/2-way seating valve

    Performance characteristics:

    • Leakage oil-free version
    • Simple, uncomplicated design
    • Extremely high switching reliability during long downtimes
  • Non-return valve 8-240 l/min

    Performance characteristics:

    • The flow in one direction is leakage oil-free, free flow in the opposite direction.
    • Hardened and lapped sealing surfaces guarantee a long service life.
    • The RVC valve is reversible in the carrier holes.
  • Proportional 4/2 and 4/3 directional valve

    Performance characteristics:

    • Proportional directional valves allow continuous control of the volume flow and facilitate smooth switching and exact positioning procedures.
    • They are characterised by high accuracy, very good resolution, and low noise level.
    • For valves with position transducer, they can be considerably reduced in size with corresponding control electronic hysteresis and the valve dynamics can be considerably increased.
  • Mini power pack series H3 0.7- 4 l/min

    • The power pack H300 is designed for operation of a single-acting cylinder. The power pack H350, due to the connection arrangement NG04/ISO4401-02-01 offers the basis for hydraulics in various applications.
  • Power pack H350

    • The power pack H350 can be built up with pipe connection plates, intermediate sub-plate mounting or with single chain plates.
    • The consumer connections on the pump bracket and on the chain plates are located on one side.
    • There are various linking modules available for the power packs, such as for clamping functions or storage operation.
    • The chain plates are build sideways parallel to the motor to achieve a low construction height.
    • The continuous P and T channels can be used as external P and T connectors on the final chain plates.
    • The oil containers are internally and externally oil-resistant powder coated.
  • Power pack H300

    • Due to the cylindrical design of the tank, this power pack is very slim in design.
    • The power pack offers two 90° offset connection holes to enable optimal connectivity of the consumer line.
    • To secure the unit, two options are provided on the pump carrier - a complicated installation frame is not required.
    • Oil tanks are located internally and externally.