Parker ORIGA

  • Rodless cylinder

    Modular pneumatic linear drives
    ORIGA System Plus is a completely modular concept, which offers the possibility to combine pneumatic or electric actuators with guides and control modules for all kinds of applications. The drives, the core of the system, consisting of an extruded aluminium profile with double dovetail slide grooves on three sides, are the main building blocks of the system, on which all modular options can be directly attached.

    • Series OSP-P10 to OSP-P80
    • Clean room design
    • ATEX version
    • Stainless steel screws
    • Slow speed grease
    • VITON gaskets
    • Frontal air connection
    • Unilateral air connection
    • Integrated valves VOE
    • Duplex connection
    • Multiplex connection
    • Design for synchronous opposite movements 
  • airfit maintenance equipment

    ...of high-quality components for intelligent system solutions
    airfit is one of the world's leading product programs for modern compressed air preparation. Developed at the cutting edge of technology and manufactured to the highest quality standards, airfit stands for cultured competence. A competence, representing more than 30 years of expertise and experience in the design and production of high-quality compressed air treatment devices. 

  • Piston rod cylinders

    ... Top quality for top performances
    high power density, high service life, low maintenance:
    The leading quality of the Parker ORIGA piston rod cylinder is the result of decades of practice. It also promotes the implementation of usage-optimised special solutions. Selected cylinder concepts with outstanding running characteristics shape the program of the Parker ORIGA piston cylinders. The benefits are important prerequisites for the smooth deployment in a network. Thus, high efficiency of modern automation is possible. Special solutions are developed for individual projects, which provide for maximum efficiency.