Our quality-targets are based on one thing, on the long-term sustainability of business planning.

This simply means that the quality of our products and services are directly related to the success and good reputation that our company gains with our customers.


Three activities are prioritized in order to satisfy the specific requirements of the customers in future!

  1. Training
    Training, qualification and motivation of all our employees have always been a central pillar of our company policy. Through appropriate training they are in a position to apply all the techniques of quality management systems and develop with them. Thus all of them are prepared for future tasks and always possess the latest level of knowledge.

    And because good employees are our best capital, we are always training new engineers.

    With the background that reconditioning tasks are getting more and more complex and electronics are increasingly intertwined with hydraulics, we see this as the best way to assure the future. This is something that we are totally convinced about!
  2. Investment
    Investment and maintenance decisions are primarily guided by the experience and knowledge gained from the planning, operating and servicing of machines and plant. In this way we are able to continuously optimize the production processes.
  3. Sustainability
    (Ecological and environmental protection, resources, environment & energy)

For these reasons we can guarantee you that Hydraulik-Service Rhein-Ruhr GmbH will always be your partner of choice for the reconditioning of hydraulic components. Be assured!