Repair and overhaul

Creeping wear, overloading or improper operation are the most common causes of damage, which can have consequences of not only financial, but also cause image damage. While defective hydraulic components can be repaired relatively quickly. The repair and maintenance of hydraulic systems is demonstrably the more economical alternative. Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves and hydraulic cylinders are repaired by the Hydraulic Service Rhein-Ruhr to the manufacturers or even new quality, or even better. We analyse the cause, which has caused the damage, and make proposals on how to avoid such damage in the future. After three decades in the field of special hydraulics, we have experienced almost every situation with our customers and this collected experience is potential from which you can benefit. We see ourselves as the service provider, who immediately understands your situation and has perfected all the steps that are necessary for the smooth functioning of your hydraulic repair. Since 1997, Hydraulic Service Rhein-Ruhr has a certified quality management system.

Nothing leaves our company that has not previously been proven to work. In one of the largest hydraulic testing laboratories in Europe, the components are tested under operating conditions and released only after this procedure for the return shipping. Choose to work with us in the firm belief, that we have all situations under control and that you will receive a complete overview of the status of the repair.

We are there when you need us, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!