Repair of hydraulic cylinders

We repair cylinders of any type and brand and provide a warranty. 

  • Differential cylinder, plunger cylinder, synchronising cylinder, synchronised speed cylinder, telescopic cylinder, slew drives, dispensing cylinder, standard and special design and many more
  • Machining diameter up to 1000 mm
  • Machining length up to 13 m
  • Maximum piece weight 10 t

Types of hydraulic cylinders:

Repair process:

  • 1. Goods receipt, identification and computerised registration

  • 2. Disassembly and cleaning

  • 3. Damage analysis and identification of defective components

  • 4. Calculation of maintenance strategy and cost estimate

  • 5. Procurement of the necessary new parts/warehouse

  • 6. Regeneration of the old parts

  • 7. Assembly of components

  • 8. 100% inspection of the components in our universal test bench